Anonymous asked:

I’m sorry I’m so late with this! Haven’t blogged for ages.

81. Favourite TV show?

I have to admit… I don’t watch any tv shows. There are many series I’d love to watch but I just haven’t for some reason.

127. What makes you happy?

This is a tough one. I would say that I’m a happy person in general, even though it maybe doesn’t always seem like that. I’m thankful of each and every day I get to spend here on Earth exploring its wonders.

But to name a few,

- traveling, the elixir of my life
- dancing my heart out
- adventures
- listening to a perfect song at perfect time
- learning
- googling
- staring at maps
- feeling at ease in a crowd (music festivals!)
- thought-provoking conversations with interesting people
- shopping nice clothes
- ice cream
- a good night’s sleep
- the feeling of success
- loving and being loved